How We Do It

We deliver unmatched value when it comes to managing or supporting the development of online, turnkey, remote enabled contact centers. Get to know the benefits of working with LiveXchange today!

150,000+ Agent Network

23 Languages

25% Increase in Sales

30% Operating Cost Savings

Getting To Know LiveXchange

The question is not should your contact center use remote agents; it’s how to do it right. That’s where LiveXchange comes in. We’re your online turnkey service, designed to equip your corporation with the means to successfully develop and operate your own remote enabled contact center. Or, we can manage it for you.

Turn Key Level 1 PCI

Process any volume of credit card transactions without the risk, liability or cost of traditional PCI accreditation process. AgentAccess Workspace software brings any home computer and data path into compliance…in under a minute.

Flexible Staffing

With LiveXchange workforce optimization capabilities, remote agents can select schedules based on flexible 30-minute commitments, to better support businesses during peak hours and busy seasons. Such advantages also keep agents content and motivated.

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