Accommodating your unique remote call center needs

One of our most advantageous, value-based offerings LiveXchange offers is our extraordinary ability to ramp up and ramp down the amount of remote agents you require to accommodate your busiest hours, seasons, and days of the year. We also offer multiple service levels to meet your unique needs.

Agent Work

With LiveXchange, remote agents enjoy flexible work schedules (30 minutes at a time), comprehensive online training, and continuous support. As a result, these remote agents are highly educated, articulate, professional, and deliver outstanding customer service for those they represent.

With innovative e-learning, agents access a comprehensive portal that walks them through each step of their training process – gaining the insight and skills they will require to meet call center demands successfully. They also receive updated training as needed – to ensure they’re always up to date on new trends and product offerings.

Workforce Optimization

The LiveXchange network is designed specifically for remote work and is flexible to become customized to your business and brand. Our system can adapt to provide you with multi-channel, multi-site switching, and intelligent routing capabilities. In other words, you can depend on us and the technologies we provide.

Contact LiveXchange

Contact LiveXchange today at 1-866-774-3456 to learn how you can access optimal flexibility with our ‘We Manage‘ or ‘You Manage‘ models. We look forward to discussing how our services may meet your remote call center needs.

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