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How We Do It

Our marketplace allows you to hire, manage and scale your own on-demand, remote, customer experience team conveniently on one platform.


Develop adaptable, flexible, on-demand omnichannel customer experience solutions for any industry, all on one platform.

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Agility /

Utilize the platform to optimize your workforce by scaling your customer experience team up or down based on volume fluctuations.

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Gain full visibility over all aspects of recruiting, training, scheduling and managing your customer experience operations.

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With PCI Level 1 certification, you can be assured that you are doing all you can to protect you and your customers' information.

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We give you the tools to empower your on-demand workforce to deliver the best outcomes for your clients and customers.

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cost effective


Maximize workforce efficiency and reduce operating costs without sacrificing quality.

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How We See It

Customer experience management is rapidly evolving, and successful organizations will be those that pivot quickly in order to adapt to new realities. At LiveXchange, we provide the people, the platform and the technology to help you manage all this. We give you 100% visibility and control over the entire process.

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GigCX: Customer Service In The Twenty-First Century

In this book, Brian Pritchard, Terry Rybolt, and Mark Hillary explore why GigCX is set to be the next big transformation of how brands deliver a fantastic customer experience. GigCX offers greater transparency, control, efficiency, and productivity – why aren’t you already exploring it for your business?

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Everything you need to know about remote working and GigCX, all in one place.
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Don’t Fear The GigCX Agent - They Also Love Your Customers!

GigCX allows you far more flexibility over when people are working and for how long. You can also focus on rewarding agents for each time they help a customer – pay them based on results, not time.

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How GigCX Can Have A Huge Impact On Your CX Costs

With GigCX there are no physical contact centers. You tell the system how many shifts you need – down to the nearest 30 minutes – and agents sign up for those shifts. You pay them only when they answer a customer call.

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How “Work From Anywhere” Can Turbocharge Your Multilingual CX

GigCX offers unprecedented flexibility. The focus of this flexibility has often been on the improved efficiency of the customer service team.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Solution Center

“LiveXconnect provided us the flexibility to scale up or down throughout our hours of operations to meet our customers demand 24x7x365”

Franchise Manager

“The LiveXchange platform has not only solved our staffing issues, it has significantly increased the quality of our telephone CX and the revenue that we are generating from telephone orders.”