Discovering the value of LiveXchange

LiveXchange is an online turnkey service designed to equip your corporation with the means to successfully develop and operate your own remote enabled contact center. Or, we can help to manage the program for you – through the same system.

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How It Works

Our remote enabled contact center model augments the capabilities of conventional ‘bricks and mortar contact centers’ by adding the flexible dimension of a remote workforce. Our system is designed to deliver significant improvements in overall efficiency and service quality.

Our Management Models

At LiveXchange, we’ve designed two models to best fit your specific needs – either ‘you manage’ or ‘we manage’ your remote contact center and agents.

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You Manage

We deliver the platform tools, and 24x7x365 Service Desk that you need to build and deploy your home agent network. With your own pool of contracted remote agents, you can seamlessly augment your contact center’s internal staff on an as-needed basis. - Accommodating your unique remote call center needs

We Manage

We not only deliver the platform and tools you need, but we’ll also manage your remote agent program as your partner vendor. In other words, we seamlessly take care of your agent recruitment, training, scheduling, and beyond.

Mission Statement

We strive to deliver the most on-demand, professional, comprehensive, and PCI secure remote enabled contact center solutions to respected organizations across all industries. Through our ‘We Manage‘ and ‘You Manage‘ models, we equip clients to operate and manage their remote call centers and agents in ways that best fit their unique needs.

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