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In today’s increasingly virtual customer experience management environment, concerns over data protection cannot be overstated. Data security is critical for any company, but even more so for those operating on a remote model.

We’ve taken this priority into account when building our platform, with specific anti-fraud provisions built into our offering to ensure security is in place to protect both brands and customer service experts.


PCI Certified Environment

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SecureWorkSpace (SWS) Software

  • Our software instantly transforms any PC into a secure workstation
  • A connection to your private networks is established via our secure VPN
  • Locally-stored files and applications are blocked
“LiveXchange's PCI technology identifies, isolates and secures agents and their desktops as they access the work environment. Each agent is issued a physical “secure OS token”, which binds their identity to our server, bypasses their local OS, encrypts their connection and assures compliance – all in less than 60 seconds.”