Omnichannel Services

Advanced dialling and call logging

Our LiveXchange enterprise cloud based Omnichannel platform connects effortlessly to remote agents. The network footprint is global giving you access to any agent from anywhere. The platform enables routing, queuing, and distribution of phone calls, e­mail, chat, fax, and mobile, web-form communications to agents anywhere in the enterprise. It also provides interactive voice response (IVR), preview and predictive dialing, and call recording. With innovative technologies developed by LiveXchange all voice and data paths are encrypted, monitored and supported 24x7x365 by our Network Operations Center.

Headset sitting on keyboard - LiveXchange enterprise cloud based Omnichannel platform connects effortlessly to remote agents

Remote Agent Workgroup Assignment

Remote agent assignment capabilities identify the type of inbound communication and then determines the best-skilled agent for the interaction – regardless of site location. The built-in cloud-based PBX is designed to accommodate the blending of internal and remote agents.

IVR Routing

Built-in IVR capabilities enable call flows to be customized based on Dialled Number (DNIS) and/or caller entered menu selections.

Custom Scripts and Greetings

Easily record and customize greetings and prompts for your customers.

Supervisory Control

Supervisory control gives your supervisors the monitoring, mentoring, coaching and control capabilities they need to support their remote agents. Provides supervisors with the ability to coach agents in “whisper mode”, pop a chat window on the agent’s screen for silent coaching, join calls, barge-in on calls, mute agents or log agents out.

Agent Channel Control

Agent channel control provides a browser based Interaction Manager with which remote agents can handle every aspect of both inbound and outbound omnichannel interactions.

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