Talent Acquisition

Access to the best remote agents when you need them

LiveXchange’s industry leading recruiting portal is exclusively designed for attracting work at home professionals. Every month 3000 to 4000 new skilled candidates join. This gives us a vast pool of skilled candidates to choose from.

The 150,000 strong pool of agents are highly educated, articulate, professional, and deliver outstanding customer service on your behalf. Why? Because our remote agents take pride in what they do, are equipped with the right tools, and are self-motivated to go above and beyond.

Automated Recruiting

Every day hundreds of candidates are having their home offices certified, background and credit checks filed, updating their online resumes and applying to work opportunities like yours. LiveXchange’s automated workflows enable a single recruiting individual to vet and process job seekers through the key recruiting sequences with minimal effort.

Cost Effective Recruiting

Whether you choose the we manage or you manage model our highly skilled Career Desk team supports many of the HR process on the path of processing selected candidates through internet and security certifications, desktop certifications, credential management, and application access testing to successful placement in the eLearning classroom.

Thriving On Success

Remote agents on boarded using our patented technology are successful in what they do because they are supported by systems and training programs that understand their needs, lifestyles, and workflows.

Any Skill – Any Language – Any Time Zone – The best people at your fingertips

Skill Evaluation

Candidates participate in an intensive yet comprehensive training process that ensures they are qualified and prepared to meet the specific call center needs of your business. Your remote agents will complete our Remote Certification program, client training courses, a live call evaluation. Access to any skill, any language, in any Time Zone across the country

LiveXchange provides a full service live Career Desk support for:

  • Applicant inquires, contract job posing FAQs, submit application and automated recorded applicant interviews
  • Remote Home Office + Network Certification process for the applicant’s computer equipment, headsets, internet connection and voice quality prior to register for your E-learning training courses.
  • Access to our Home Agent Job Board & Recruitment Portal (ContractWorld.jobs) to review, invite and interview or decline candidates quickly and efficiently.
  • Listen to customized Voice Scripts interviews (for each job posting) for language skill quality and voice quality screening before decision making before the interview stage. Saving you time and effort.
  • Track & review applicants progress and stage/status as your open classroom seats fill with excited, self-motivated new students.
Woman talking on mobile phone, using laptop.

Ongoing Training

Remote agents from LiveXchange are self-motivated, quick-learners, who are eager to deliver. Should your business change at any time, your dedicated agents will receive updated, ongoing training using our advanced online training portals and self-led and trainer led classrooms.

Seasonal Accommodation

Unlike trying to double or triple your talent pool in preparation for your peak season, Home Agents provide the ultimate flexibility to easily and quickly ramp up your workforce. Home Agents like short-term/temporary seasonal contracts too, and can work for two to three clients or contracts(with separate dedicated schedules of course).

Example: An Agent could work for one client contract during the day, and move onto/login to another client contract in the evenings or on weekends.

Overstaffed on your forecasted schedule? No problem, you can take advantage of our VOT tool, to notify and enable Agents to log off. Unexpected spike in your call volume and need a few more Agents ASAP? Not to worry, simply ask our Service Desk (24/7) to help you add shifts and run our Call Notify tool.

Connect With LiveXchange

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