Remote Agent Training

Efficient and effective remote agent training

At LiveXchange, we understand that the most significant pain point for any corporation considering a remote agent program is how they can economically and effectively provide training to a widely dispersed workforce.

With LiveXchange’s outstanding e-learning capabilities and course design services, adult learners can access a comprehensive portal that will walk them through each step of their training process – gaining the insight and skills they will require to meet job skill demands successfully.

Our Process

Distance learning is the backbone of agent training, and LiveXchange’s training technologies provide the tools and content design required for the continuous development of your agents – from the first certification to your latest update.

Learn more about our training process below:

Application & Class Registration

Our Career Desk has organized and executed many of the process tasks required to successfully fill your classes with the right candidates. The result is a fully prepared class room ready for training.

Interested candidates begin their journey by applying to a Contract Job Posting on followed by screening and interview process.  Once invited to register for training our Career Desk supports them with their Remote Certification tests, to ensure they are set for success before registering for training.  Agents pay for their training courses, and are fully invested to successfully complete, graduate, and begin working right away.

Remote Certification

Our Career Desk & technical support team take the cost burden and effort out your operations. LiveXchange’s Remote Certification is a process designed to determine, through a series of online tests and live tech checks with a technical expert, qualifying that the applicant has the specific equipment and computer skills that are necessary for our secure network. Each new applicant must achieve remote certification before they can become eligible for training.

MyBusinessAccess –  LiveXchange Pre-Client Course

Before client training begins, registered students will complete and pass a series of training modules where they will learn more about what it is like to be a home agent using LiveXchange’s patented technology, workflows and systems. Our 24/7 Service Desk is there to support them anytime, every step of the way.

Client Program Training Classes Our e-learning team supervises online client training classes and teach students how to operate independently in their own home office. Remote agents will be trained to effectively and articulately advocate for your specific business. They will learn the ins and outs of the demands your company’s call center may face and become self-motivated to deliver results.

Live Call Evaluation

To ensure a remote agent is prepared for their new role, a live call evaluation is conducted and monitored for assurance purposes. Should the candidate pass their evaluation, they will graduate from online classes and enter incubation.


Within the incubation period, remote agents may be working in a modified schedule and a dedicated chat room, for ultimate support, until their productivity KPIs and quality scores meet the desired targets/benchmarks. The LiveXchange scheduling and Workforce Management system will help both the virtual agent and their client to monitor working agents, schedule adherence and productivity results.

Ongoing Update Training

Should there be any changes in your business module, offerings, or services, your remote agents will receive update training on an as-needed basis.

  • Live Chat & conference rooms provided
  • Track & Manage your students’ progress, test scores in your eLearning management portal
  • We can convert your in-class materials into a dynamic e-learning course, designed for on-line/adult learners
  • Not sure if you have the resources to lead your training, that’s OK – we have Certified Trainers on hand

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