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HR & Benefits Administration Business Partner


HR & Benefits Administration Business Partner

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Business Challenge

Pre-Pandemic Demands lead to a rapid decrease in house call center staffing capacity

  • Experiencing winter labour shortages from increased call center absenteeism & attrition
  • Inability to flex staffing quickly to match peak volume demands, resulting in unplanned service level hits
  • High Attrition leading to frequent hiring cycles

Pandemic Demands lead to a rapid increase in call volume and the need for rapid call center staffing capacity

  • Open enrolment seasonality spikes
  • Demands for short term staffing needs flexible staffing quickly to match peak volume demands
  • Eliminate reliance on traditional staffing agencies to fulfil seasonality staffing demands


  • Increased in call center staffing capacity by 40% in 4 to 8 weeks
  • Average 150 agent ramp in peak open enrolment demand
  • Flexibility and control on short term contract types such as open enrolment
  • Access to untapped bilingual staffing capacity
  • Cost-effective recruitment and seamless work from home setup (turnkey LiveXchange Platform vs reliance on regular staffing agencies during a global pandemic)
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Partnering with a major human resource and benefits administrator, LiveXchange provided inbound benefits administration and customer care services to support a surge in demand amidst a global pandemic. Download our full case study to learn more.