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Quick Service Restaurant Case Study


Quick Service Restaurant Case Study

A Major U.S. QSR chain adopts the LiveXchange platform.

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Business Challenge

A leading company in the United States Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment was experiencing significant problems in processing telephone orders at their locations. Always an issue in the QSR industry, securing sufficient staff and being able to staff appropriately for peak periods was increasingly difficult. Telephone orders were going unanswered and stores were losing significant revenue.

Leveraging limited staff to answer telephone orders was also negatively impacting the dine-in customer experience. The chain did not have the technology required to control or reroute the flow of telephone orders.

“The LiveXchange platform has not only solved our staffing issues, it has significantly increased the quality of our telephone CX and the revenue that we are generating from telephone orders.”
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The LiveXchange Solution

The chain implemented the LiveXchange platform which allowed them to access a dedicated network of experienced Customer Experience (CX) agents on-demand.

  • Ability to seamlessly access CX agents during peak periods
  • All CX agents trained and dedicated to the QSR operator
  • Ability maximize revenue by increasing call volume and average check
  • Increase system uptime
  • Flexibility to direct up to 100% calls at any time of day
  • Reporting portal, providing analytics for KPIs and trends
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  • 30% Increase in-store sales
  • Average check higher by 5% to 7%
  • Reduction in-store operating costs of at least 20% by balancing calls to CX network during peak times
  • Abandon rates below 2%
  • Improved overall dining experience
  • Franchisees free to focus on improving operations
  • Improved telephone order experience from professionally trained agents
  • Generating over $150M in annual revenue
Trust our team of customer service experts to answer and process your overflow incoming telephone orders when those calls are not answered by the store. Download our case study to learn how it works.