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Supporting Sales For a Leading Interactive Multi-Channel Retailer


Supporting Sales For a Leading Interactive Multi-Channel Retailer

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Business Challenge

Our client a leading interactive, multi-channel retailer required a partner who was able to represent an extension of their brand, handling customer care, sales and other order fulfillment inquiries.

Buyers have specific questions that require detailed answers and they get frustrated when put on hold or transferred to other individuals. Seasonality was showing to have a major impact on sales, and the industry experienced challenges with having knowledgeable sales professionals answer inquiries from customers in a timely fashion.

Service Partners supporting our client’s passengers needed to understand the true value of the brand and overall focus on providing high-quality products at an exceptional value while engaging with the customer in the most convenient way possible.

5 overarching reasons promoted the relationship between the client and LiveXchange

1. Control / Visibility
The client wanted to augment their existing workforce not replace it, therefore having full control of the entire process including operational oversight was extremely important.

2. Flexibility
The client wanted to augment its internal staff with LiveXchange personnel, but only schedule them when and where they needed them.

3. Nimble
Given the nature of the client’s business being able to ramp up and down quickly based on seasonality as well as forecast adjustments were critical.

4. Cost-Effective
Being able to provide an on-demand, virtual workforce at a 30% savings over the traditional FTE model was a key component to the overall value proposition.

5. Secure
Given the nature of the client’s business coupled with the fact that the agents are remote having a secure workspace (PCI certified) is critical.

Core Services and Support offerings through the LiveXchange Platform include:

Access to 150,000 North American based virtual workforces solely focused on all aspects of the customer experience lifecycle.

Easily conduct virtual training via the LiveXchange virtual platform.

Via the LiveXconnect scheduling platform that allows on-demand scheduling at the 30 min interval level with real-time reporting & the ability to instantly notify of schedule changes via phone, sms or email.

LiveXchange Secure WorkSpace software turns any computer into a Level 1 PCI certified workstation in 60 seconds or less.

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Download our full case study to learn more about how our platform helped our client save operating costs and improve operational efficiency.