Cost Savings

Saving you money with scalable remote agent services

With LiveXchange, you’ll unlock incredible cost savings by streamlining remote agent services through our high-performance workforce optimization technologies, flexible scheduling, extended geographical reach, and more!

You Manage Savings

  • Moving from traditional bricks and mortar to Home Based Agents can save you upto 30% operating and overhead costs
  • Cost Savings Forecast – call today for a no-obligation analysis report
  • With our Career Desk supports recruitment, training, and remote certification inquiries, and our 24/7 Service Desk supports Live Agents, telephony/desktop network connectivity, etc. we take much of the day-to-day HR & IT support burdens off your shoulders (more savings off your bottom line)
  • In our approved Independent Contract Agent model, Agents pay for their training courses, home office equipment, and you/the hiring client do not pay for unproductive down time, time off, or shrinkage – averaging 20% in most Call Center’s total cost per hour.

We Manage Savings

  • Our Patented workforce management (WFM) and scheduling tools are designed uniquely for work from home or remote working applications. Teams connect transparently in real-time by secure web or mobile. It’s as if they were in your site.
  • Easily match your call volume with headcount staffing requirements…for as low as 30 minute shifts. (or 1, 2, 3 hour shift blocks)
  • Variable labor cost vs. fixed labor (vs. full time 8hr or part-time 4 hour shifts)
  • Our Program Team easily adjust staffing, based on your current interval or future scheduling forecast as needed, on demand.
  • AgentNotify – Automated SMS Email or Callout. Easily and quickly reach Agents in a flash for emergency spike in volume (no commuting – Agents simply login anytime)

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