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Are your internal agents costing you money in their inability to keep up or to perform productively? Have you noticed their lack of motivation? Is your customer service gaining a bad reputation? If so, it may be time to consider working with remote agents who sincerely value their flexible, comfortable, and supportive work environments.

Proven to Reduce Agent Attrition & Increase Agent Tenure

All of our network clients have reported a significant reduction in annual agent turnover/churn and increased tenure. Some are even as low as >10%; most average 25%; in comparison to  the CC National Average is 70%+  What are your attrition costs or goals? We can help.

Pay Per Performance Based Contracts – Pay per call, order, or transaction are performance based pay rate options – ask us for more details today!

Top Quality Talent Pool – Our Agent demographics are unique in comparison with a traditional Brick n Mortar Center, as Work From Home jobs are in demand, on the rise, and draws a talented, diverse network of people all across the country. It’s a more mature workforce, with a wide variety of work experience and education; who may not typically apply to work INSIDE a Contact Center; but working as an Independent Contract Agent from their Home Office is a perfect fit!

Proven to Reduce Agent Attrition & Increase Agent Tenure


35-55 Years, Average Age Range

75% Post Secondary Education

80% Female / 20% Male

23 Languages

3,000 - 4,000 New Members / Job Seekers every month

When it comes to hiring remote agents, companies unlock greater productivity due to:

Agent Happiness

When agents are in control of their schedules and can work in environments that make them feel their most comfortable, they naturally feel happier while at work. Therefore, remote agents are typically more motivated and enthusiastic than internal agents, and become genuinely excited about the companies they have the pleasure of working with.

Optimal Performance

With the added bonus of flexible scheduling and agent support, remote agents are bound to out perform internal agents. How? Well, by picking their schedules in 30 minute sprints, agents stay focused and committed to the task at hand. They also thrive on their ability to customize their work day around their personal lives and jump at the chance to fill open positions during busy service times.

Brand Loyalty

Many remote agents not only work hard for the businesses they represent, but they also consider themselves brand loyal, becoming consumers of the stores, restaurants, or products they provide remote call servicing for.

Expand Productivity Today!

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