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Who We Are


About LiveXchange

LiveXchange was founded almost twenty years ago by a Canadian entrepreneur who believed in the potential of the gig-driven, remote-work model. LiveXchange specializes in supporting organizations of all sizes with their shift to highly flexible, on-demand, home-based service providers.

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LiveXchange supports all aspects of the omnichannel customer experience value chain. Effectively, we provide our clients with a platform that is a one-stop-shop for the core of a complete customer experience operation. These include:

  • Recruitment & Training Scheduling
  • Operational Oversight
  • Payroll Administration
  • Workforce Management Solutions
  • Ensuring Operational Excellence
  • Security & Compliance Standards

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings a wealth of experiences to LiveXchange and is committed to helping brands build their dedicated, on-demand, virtual customer experience teams.

Our Team

Our Mission

With a collective belief that customer service is continually evolving, we believe that GigCX is the way of the future, and our technology will allow brands to recruit, train and manage their customer experience teams conveniently on one platform.

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