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Customer Service Representative Tier 1


Target earning range
Xperigo Contracts range from $14.50 – $25.00 CAD per hour and offered based on proven performance

Do you like to help people? 

Everyday, Xperigo Service Providers help drivers across North America. 

Providing reassurance and safety by remotely unlocking a car with a child inside, finding an EV charging station, or sending a tow truck to get a driver and their vehicle to safety.

Whether you are looking for a career or part-time hours to supplement your lifestyle; Xperigo provides state-of-the-art technology, personal training to allow you to easily work from home.

Working from home doesn’t mean working alone, our best-in-class corporate culture with a Team-first approach provides opportunities to engage, enjoy and excel.

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Looking for a contract career where you make a positive impact daily? Student, Senior, or just looking to make extra money?

  • Meaningful Contract Position (Be a hero, everyday!)
  • Competitive Pay On The GigCX Marketplace
  • Work-From-Home Opportunities
  • Premium Rate & Referral Bonus Program Benefits
  • Learning and Growth Opportunities (Xperigo Contracts range from $14.50 – $25.00 CAD per hour and offered based on proven performance)
  • New Hire Bonus Incentive: Up to $400.00 CAD

Start working from home today!

NOTE: This job is only available for Canadian residents

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Xperigo: Come join our team

Xperigo provides innovative mobility products and services to our automotive partners and their customers, creating positive experiences that drive customer loyalty to our clients’ brand.

We are the premier customer experience partner for top automotive brands, globally—providing a scalable platform of automotive mobility services. We provide a premium, end-to-end experience for our partners’ customers (drivers).

We value our internal culture by investing in people, and by adopting emerging technologies, and developing relevant products we aim to exceed all customer expectations.